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I am a Computer Vision / Deep Learning Scientist at Vicon Motion Systems (a member of the Oxford Metrics Group).

I am also a member of the University of Brasilia (UnB), where I have worked as a "professor" since 2016. However, since June 2021, I have been holding a leave of abscense from UnB and for this reason I am not planning to accept to supervise new students for the time being.

I am also linked with the CVSSP/University of Surrey, as a "visiting researcher", where I had worked as a senior research fellow from 2009 to 2016.
From March 2013 to April 2014 I'd also worked in the Machine Learning group at the University of Sheffield.
Previously, I have worked in the research laboratories of Xerox, Microsoft and Sharp.
I completed my DPhil in 2006 at the University of Oxford and my award winning MPhil thesis at the University of Sao Paulo, in 2001.
My research interests include a wide range of computer vision applications, natural language processing, transfer learning, anomaly detection, head tracking for spatial audio and semantic image segmentation.


Google scholar is probably the most up to date page for my list of publications, but it may not point to freely available PDF files or my papers.
The links below offer alternatives, which may include links to demonstrations, datasets, etc.

Students and collaborators

Here is a list of people who work or had worked closely with me or under my (co-)supervision:


Here is a list of projects, showing the period in which I have been involved (not necessarily the duration of the project as a whole):

Relevant activities I've been involved with:



This section is to be constructed, but you can follow this link to see a list of courses in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that are offered at UnB.

Demos and Media Appearances

Intrudocing myself to Computer Vision students (in Portuguese, August 2020).
I've featured in a local TV channel (UnB TV), discussing Deep Learning with my colleague Celia Ghedini Ralha (in Portuguese, May 2017).
I've contributed to a NewScientist article about visual sourveillance, by Tim Revell (January 2017).

Room Layout Estimation with Object and Material Attributes Information using a Spherical Camera, with Semantic Segmentation from RGBD Images (Presented by Hansung Kim, at 3DV, October 2016, DOI 10.1109/3DV.2016.83)

Concept-based image retrieval using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Head/Face Tracking

Here a some demos that I made to evaluate other people's head/face trackers
Demonstration of the head pose estimation method based on Random Forests, using Kinect, created using the method of Gabriele Fanelli and others at ETHZ.
Facial feature tracker using Active Appearance Model, code written by Jason Saragih - who did a PhD with Simon Lucey.
Source code available from GitHub.
Face detector combining frontal, profile and ears detectors based on Viola and Jones' method, implemented using OpenCV.

3D Trackers from my PhD

ACASVA project videos

In the video below, I present a short summary of some of the main aspects of this project:

The video below demonstrates tracking, court detection, homography computation and event detection:

Here is another video, showing the annotation tool that I have developed:

Images as sets of locally weighted features

Follow this link for a talk I presented at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, 2010.

(Fig. 6 of US 2010/0189354)
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