CTD/SBC'2002 stuff

This is the material that supported my M.Sc. Dissertation in the PhD Thesis and MSc Dissertations Context (CTD), organized by the Brazilian Computer Science Society (SBC). Since 1987, this annual event is awarding the best computer science post-graduate works finished in the previous year in Brazilian universities. The selection has three phases. In the first one, they evaluate a short paper (5 pages) that summarizes the thesis; in the second, they evaluate the selected thesis themselves and a short description of the contributions of the thesis; and in the last phase they consider an oral presentation that is held during the Conference on Computer Science.

In July 2002, this context held in Florianopolis (in the south coast of Brazil). There were 75 masters thesis submitted from several universities and my work was awarded the FIRST place (best masters dissertation).

I am also very glad to say that my friend Rogério Feris got the second place and we were both suppervised by Prof. Roberto Cesar at DCC - IME - USP.


Advances on Feature Selection Techniques with Applications to Face Recognition
T. E. de Campos, R. M. Cesar Jr.
Proceedings of CTD'2002 , Florianopolis, Brazil, July 2000, SBC.

PS.GZ, 10KB PDF, 35KB Summary of the contributions of this work
PS.GZ, 144KB PDF, 116KB Paper
PS.GZ, 1.6MB PDF, 1.7MB M.Sc. Dissertation (in Portuguese)

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